Shop local this giving season

5 Reasons to Shop Local This Gifting Season

Shopping local has so many wonderful benefits to local communities and has always been our teams secret hack to finding unique gifts 🛍️  We are spoilt for choice in New Zealand with so many talented people creating wonderful, purpose led businesses. Just in-case you needed some inspiration or yet more reasons to support local businesses, here are our top 5 reasons 👉🏼

Firstly is service. Small businesses are more personable by nature, with thoughtful touches and tailored services. Having a small business means you are able to better control the quality of service and more often than not, because it's the owner serving you, they are willing to go the extra mile to create those long-lasting relationships with local customers. We all remember when we have excellent service!

Secondly is creating jobs in local communities. Local businesses are invested in their communities and are likely to stick around longer, increasing employment, creating opportunities for residents which increases local wealth.

Thirdly, is one that relates to the point above but is unique on it's own, is creating communities. Local businesses are one of a kind, contributing to a communities postive self-image. Uniqueness creates a sense of pride, leading to increased tourism and economic activity.

The fourth benefit to shopping local is the reduced footprint of products. Choosing businesses with sustainable practices can reduce your carbon emissions by minimising global shipping, minimal packaging and appropriate stock levels to minimise waste. These are all things important to Clever Little's mission to be on the journey to better.

Lastly is that local businesses can increase community wealth. Money spent in the community recirculates amoung local businesses and residents. 2022 research shows that approximately 73% of money spent locally stays in the community compared to only 43% of money spent in chains. This has a huge benefit to struggling communities, especially during periods of financial hardship.

So during this holiday season, find some goodies from small businesses like ours and give the gift of local.


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