The Journey to Better

The Journey to Better

Sustainability starts with you. How many times have you heard that before? Companies tend to put so much pressure on us to make good choices when it comes to our consumption, yet it seems like nothing comes from it and there’s no reward at the end of the tunnel. All doom and gloom, and even when we are trying our best to sustainably consume, it just never seems like enough, does it? Here at Clever Little we’ve made it our mission to be more involved in our community, helping out consumers who buy menstrual products by offering a more eco-friendly approach to self care.


Our founder, Shara, wanted to make an impact on the New Zealand self care scene, by providing women with sustainably sourced, natural and organic alternatives to commercial period products and their painkiller counterparts. With a soft spot for those struggling with bad cramps and other pain, she designed her range of Essential Oils. With her Natural Health practitioner Mum’s help, and a team of formula creators, she introduced Calm Oil, Comfort Oil and Relief Oil for us to use on days when we need some extra support. We love having a natural, new choice instead of common painkillers, where we know only goodness is being put in and on our bodies. In these essential oils, we’ve only used powerful and purposeful ingredients to provide natural support to common menstrual symptoms. Jojoba oil, lavender oil and eucalyptus are some of the many that can help to ease pain without pumping your body full of chemicals. Just gently apply onto your pressure points and tummy and let the beautifully smelling oils soothe your headaches, cramps and tension.


The journey to better means practicing what we preach! Biodegradable and compostable, better for the environment and better for your bodies. Our 100% natural organic cotton tampons and pads are the ultimate period companion alongside our Essential Formula Range. We wanted to make sure that whatever was touching your skin was completely chemical free and natural, so you can feel at peace knowing exactly what you’re using on your body. The Clever Little Essential Formula Range is also proud to be New Zealand made and formulated, completely natural, and even created from plants. We’re all about putting only natural goodness into and onto our body, with our health and mindfulness at the forefront of design. We’ve even designed a sleek and subtle reusable, biodegradable sleeve that your period refills are delivered in, because who else hates loose tampons floating around your handbag?


When you think about how many menstrual products are used throughout the cycle of one’s period, and then calculate how many people menstruate everyday, the number of unsustainable products discarded is through the roof. It’s been calculated that the majority of women tend to get their period around 450 times in their lifetimes, which equates to a lot of discarded products that end up in landfill. Think of the amount of cramps that are being had every day as well. Ouch. There’s such a devastating toll of unnecessary waste on our planet’s health, but everyday there are new opportunities for you to take a step towards better. There’s always room to make better choices for the sake of our environment, and when it comes to disposable period products, we can help in that department.


Holistic health is at the foundation of Clever Little, where we are challenging the current self-care system, and offering real, natural replacements for struggling women. Being on the journey to better means doing what we can to offer a more eco-friendly approach to wellness. Every effort counts when it comes to our planet, so making the switch to sustainable, puts you on the journey to better with us.

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