Beating the Back to work Blues

Beating the Back to work Blues

Often we see Christmas and New Year as a time to rest, relax and get ready for another year ahead. This is especially true in the southern hemisphere where we it's also the beginning of our summer. As lots of us head back to work, why does it seem we find ourselves feeling blue when we return to our usual routines?

The holiday blues are a real phenomenon so how can we get back into our groove and ready to tackle the year from the start.

2022 was a challenging year on the back of two already incredibly tough years. Some psychologists have referred to 2022 as the year of burnout. Burnout requires more recovery than a few hectic weeks of seeing family and friends. 

So what steps can we take to prevent ourselves from getting so exhausted we are nearly at the point of burnout.

One key thing we can exercise are the boundaries we set in the workplace especially when it comes to managing a realistic work load. Being able to push back and say, 'that's not a reaistic timeline' or 'this is what I need' will help manage the pressure of work and reduce the likelihood of getting to the burnout stage.

Another tool to reducing the risk of burnout is beating loneliness in the work place.

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