Guide to Surviving the Day

Guide to Surviving the Day

Does waking up after a terrible night's sleep and spending the day cringing in pain wishing you could just lie down on the couch and be at peace with your hormones sound familiar to you? Being a woman is tough enough as it is without the ups and downs of the menstrual cycle, and trust us, we know how overwhelming and draining those few days are. But, here at Clever Little, we think we’ve aced the whole PMS thing, and not just with a ‘cure’ of sugary chocolate and a bad romance movie. Focus on time and good energy; this natural cycle of life is all about nurturing and acceptance and we love having a handy guide to surviving each day as it comes so it doesn’t get just that bit too hard.

Each week of the period cycle is different, and it’s important to understand what’s really going on in your body each step of the way so you can be proactive, when you want to be. There’s the start of your cycle, when menstruation begins, then ovulation, and finally premenstrual syndrome which is also called post-ovulation. Although all important and pivotal, let’s focus on that first bit of the cycle, where the magic really happens. There’s a lot of out with the old, in with the new going on today, where tuning in with your body is pretty essential. We recommend going with a more holistic approach - where natural, soothing remedies ease these pesky aches and pains. 

It’s completely natural to feel foggy, moody and irritable when the cramps are just kicking in, which is why yoga, meditation and easy exercise are key to this time period. Slow and calming stretches are great for relieving tension while walking helps the body move and unwind. Breath deeply into the pain spots and allow for moments of being completely present. For extra support, we love rubbing some of our Relief Oil for headaches into our pressure points, with the beautifully scented essential oils helping to keep our minds clear. It’s easy to view those first few days as time gone out the window, where struggling through your schedule seems inevitable. Modern life is stressful enough as it is without that pressure of succeeding even on your period. Let’s not ignore it, let’s embrace it. Reminder; self-care is essential! 

Those everyday rituals while you’re that extra bit vulnerable should be highlighted and applauded, as this week should be a reminder of how strong, resilient and beautiful us women are. Yes, although cramps really do tend to cramp our style (see what we did there), and can ruin opportunities, let’s use them as their own opportunity to put the best of the best in and on our bodies. Instead of putting negative energy into stressing about tasks that seem much bigger than they are, apply some of our Calm Oil for stress relief on points where you can really get a good sniff into your lungs. Essential oils such as Jojoba and Ylang Ylang relieve tightness and pain, while improving your mood. Crying, binge eating, and avoiding our skincare and sleep routines is not the go-to anymore, ladies. 

Another tip we have might be a bit of a laugh to some of you, but try not to give in to your junk food cravings! It’s been proven that snacking on that big bag of salty chips will actually make you more bloated due to the high sodium intake. Try foods that quietly boost your serotonin, like things high in B1 and B2 vitamins or high in iron - increasing your fats and proteins and munching on green veggies and dark chocolate should eliminate that grouchy mood. Our Comfort Oil for cramps is a saviour on days like these, where essential oils such as Lavender and Eucalyptus help with relieving bloating, anxiety and aching. The hot/cold sensation this oil leaves on the skin is great for taking your mind off the pain, alleviating premenstrual symptoms so you can properly focus on your workload...or that intense Netflix show you’ve been obsessed with. 

To feel more relaxed and whole during the day, we love using the Clever Little Oil Range that’s designed to provide natural support for common menstrual symptoms. Our products are made with natural alternatives, for you to make deliberate decisions about your health. Make this week easier and softer on yourself, as you are the most important aspect in your own day to day. We’re on the journey to better here at Clever Little, where self-care should always be a priority! 

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