How to choose the right sized Tampon?

How to choose the right sized Tampon?

Choosing the right tampon size can be confusing, especially if you are a first time tampon user. When it comes to tampons it is all about absorbency. The tampon size you should use is dictated by the heaviness of your flow and not the size of your vagina!

If you are experiencing your first periods you may not know what is normal for you yet and might not be sure where to start. Don't worry, you'll quickly learn what's normal and works for you. For those of us who have had more than a few periods, we will know what a normal period is for us and what we need.

Clever Little has 3 tampon sizes - Mini, Regular and Super which are all organic cotton. These all reference the amount of absorbency of each tampon size.

Our Mini Tampons are suitable for light menstrual flows and smaller bodies, with approx 8g of absorbency. 

Our Regular Tampons are suitable for medium menstrual flow with approx 11g of absorbency.

Our Super Tampons are suitable for heavy menstrual flow, approx 14g of absorbency. 

If you are experiencing one of your first periods, you might want to start with Regular or Mini tampons to get comfortable inserting them. The key with tampons is to ensure they are inserted far enough into the vagina that you cannot feel them. If you can still feel your tampon, push it in a little more. 

At the time, periods can seem like you are loosing loads of blood. However for a typical period women lose between 2-3 tablespoons of blood so do not be alarmed.

Our Clever Little tampons offer mighty leak protection and are organic, natural and contain no synthetic chemicals or ingredients. We believe you should have access to better and safer products, which is why we have developed products with no nasties.


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