The Clever Little Garden of Wellness

The Clever Little Garden of Wellness

Using Nature to Target and Treat PMS

You've heard of the amazing benefits of essential oils, but how do they actually work? Within our Calm, Comfort and Relief Oils is a wonderful garden of wellness. Each individual ingredient has been carefully selected with a purpose, to aid you during your cycle and allow you to feel naturally wonderful. Keep reading to find out how each ingredient in our oils contributes to your wellbeing.

Lavender oil is used in our Comfort and Relief Oils due to its promotion of relaxation and treatment of anxiety and menstrual cramps. Also known by its scientific name Lavandula angustifolia, this essential oil is derived from the lavender flower. Lavender's beautiful scent can create the feeling of a spa-like environment, rather than laying in bed in pain from cramps. It's a natural muscle relaxer, which helps to release the tension that comes with cramping. Unlike regular medicines which only target pain reduction, essential oils such as lavender oil tackles the underlying causes of headaches - naturally. It helps to decongest blocked sinuses, improve blood flow and reduce inflammation.

Our Calm oil contains ylang ylang oil due to its ability to reduce stress levels and promote relaxation. Its sweet, tropical fragrance lifts your spirits and leaves you feeling at peace. Ylang ylang oil is believed to positively impact mood because of its ability to act on the brain's olfactory system. It promotes ease and joy while reducing stress, negative emotions and anxiety.

Rosemary oil is a hero ingredient in our Comfort and Relief Oils due to its powerful analgesic properties which alleviates menstrual cramps and headaches. This oil has been found to reduce insomnia, improve circulation and relax muscles, which can help with headaches. Rosemary's penetrating scent is a powerful reviver of body and mind, clearing the head and stimulating brain function. As well as alleviating pain from cramps, rosemary oil can also ease digestive discomfort, such as the bloating that comes before and with menstruation.

Our Relief Oil contains peppermint oil due to its ability to lessen the intensity of migraines and ease tension headaches. Peppermint oil contains menthol, an active ingredient which can help relax muscles and ease pain caused from headaches and migraine attacks. It also has a cooling sensation on the skin which can cause a slight numbing effect, wonderful when applying to the forehead and temples. Often used as a natural decongestant, peppermint oil is ideal for relieving sinus headaches.

Due to its ability to soothe headaches and menstrual cramps and reduce bloating, eucalyptus oil is used in our Comfort and Relief Oils. It's a natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic, which makes it superb for easing cramps and bloating. Eucalyptus oil works by relaxing tight and tense muscles, which helps to relieve pain. This also makes it ideal for painful headaches and migraines. Its scent is similar to mint, sharp and pungent, which aids in opening your sinuses and clearing your head.

Jojoba seed oil is used as a carrier across our oil range due to its gentle moisturising and soothing properties. Jojoba is considered to be one of the best carrier oils because of how great it is for your skin. Using this as a carrier means that you get all of jojoba's benefits, plus the numerous benefits of the essential oils blended with it. Jojoba oil closely mimics sebum, the skin's natural oil, which means it absorbs easily into the skin and doesn't clog pores.

For minor aches and pains, we're big believers that symptoms are our body's way of telling us we need a change or some extra love. Most of the time, there's a totally natural remedy that will help. Thats where our range of oils come in. 100% natural, formulated by women, for women in New Zealand. Switching to a real, natural alternative means that you're joining us on the journey to better.
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