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Premium Period Care

30pk Refill Bundle: Regular Tampons & Liners

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30 premium period products for $7 💝

Our Regular Tampon & Liner loose refill pack comes with 30 premium period products, perfect to restock containers you already have at home, school or work. This bundle comes with 15 Regular Tampons & 15 Liners. 

Use our set & forget subscription for extra savings.

🌈 Sustainable Solutions, Sensible Prices
🌟 Premium Products, Clever Savings
📦 Discreet, Direct to Your Door

Product Info

15 Liners, designed for day time menstrual protection with approx 5g absorbency.

15 Regular Tampons, are suitable for medium menstrual flow with approx 11g of absorbency.

Absorbent and comfortable - allows you to breathe. Contains zero toxic chemicals, dyes, fragrances or synthetics. 15 individually wrapped Liners and 15 tampons for hygiene, packaged in a 100% home compostable mailer - no extra packaging.

Our tampons and pads contain zero toxic chemicals, dyes or fragrances. Refill bundles come as loose units, perfect for you to re-stock at home.



How to use

🌻 Liners
1. Remove the protective strip and stick to the inside of your underwear
2. Dispose of wrapping in the bin - do not flush
3. Change your liner every 3-5 hours, or when it begins to feel wet

🌸 Tampons
1. Wash your hands and get into a comfortable position
2. Gently push the tampon into your vagina using your finger
3. Discard of wrapper in bin - do not flush
4. Change your tampon every 4-8 hours depending on flow


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Premium Period Care

  • Comfortable and absorbent

    Ultimate leak protection for pure confidence

  • Comfortable and absorbent

    Ultimate leak protection for pure confidence

  • Natural Alternative

    No nasties or fillers, just nature in a bottle for you to benefit

Period care designed by women, for women

100% Organic Cotton

What's in your tampon? Clever Little tampons are made from 100% Organic Cotton, nothing else.

Organic cotton tampons are made from cotton grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. This means they are free from potentially harmful chemicals and residues that could be present in conventionally grown cotton.

Organic cotton is naturally breathable, allowing air to circulate and reducing the risk of moisture buildup and bacterial growth. This can help maintain vaginal health and reduce the risk of infections.

Organic cotton tampons are biodegradable and compostable within 6 months, meaning they break down naturally over time without leaving behind harmful residues or contributing to environmental pollution.

Refills or Pre-Packaged?

Clever Little Refills come in a home compostable mailer and are perfect to re-stock containers you have at home, school or work. Our loose pads & tampons are the same premium period care products but without the extra packaging so you can buy more for less.

Clever Little pre-packaged period products come in set pack sizes with the packaging, exactly like you'd find in-store. If you keep the packaging they are perfect to re-stock!

Our Promise

Absorbent and comfortable - allows you to breathe. Our pads, tampons & cups contain zero toxic chemicals, dyes, fragrances or synthetics.

You Deserve Better

Taking care of yourself is personal. That's why we offer premium products and access to individualised period and body care, 100% online. Get quality support on your own time, based on your unique needs - Clever Little has you covered.

Better Savings

Buying our bundle options means you get more period care at a better price. Our bundles are great if you have a varied flow, a heavy period or have a full house that needs regular topping up.

Subscription Option

Get your period care on subscription so you have exactly what you need when you need it - no more last minute rushing to the supermarket! Set & Forget your period care with our 100% customisable subscription options.