Giving Better

Shopping at Clever Little supports menstrual equity. We believe in doing better for ourselves and for others 💚

We have now donated over 50,000 period products!

At Clever Little, you are contributing to menstrual equity: for every dollar you spend, a donation of equivalent value will be made to supply period products to individuals in need.

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A note from Shara.

The journey to better body care started when I took a moment to pause and ask why I was taking over the counter medication to address my monthly pain. I am not alone in suffering from pain so when I headed to my local pharmacy to see what alternatives they had, I was sorely disappointed with what limited options were available.

This sparked the idea for Clever Little. A for-women, not profit-led business. I set out to build a brand that focused on creating natural body care products that had a function - from aesthetics to relief.

After years of researching alternatives, development and determination, I am proud to launch Clever Little. Better, natural and cute body & personal care products made by women, for women.

I’ve poured endless passion and care into these products, so I hope that you love them just as much as I do.

Thanks for joining me on my journey to better.

Shara xx